Real time recording?

Groove Agent 4:
I would like to load patterns, hit them while the song is playing and record everything to Midi. Is that possible?
I don’t want to drag and drop each pattern to a Midi track, but rather live-record, what I am doing.

Thanks, Sandra

Aloha S,

And welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Here is a good starting point for features/tips/tricks etc using Groove Agent 4.

Good Luck

Yes I’m having a similar issue with recording drums live in Cubase 5Le using Groove agent as the instrument on the track. Seems the only way to record a drum track is in Groove agent then Drag and drop. I want to record live playing along with a guitar audio track within cubase. When I try this and click record in cubase nothing happens. I’m sure I’m missing something as I’m very new to Groove agent 4

I just found that I have to click record to arm the track then press play to start record. All is well . I do not remembering having to do that with any other VST instrument and I’ve been using Cubase for the last 10 years.

No issues with C95 and GR4, just record midi that you are playing… It;s good fun and is a great system to just record and later on cut out the best parts and use them.

Have you figure out how to do real time live recording with the rest of the band by triggering Groove agent se4 if so let me know I would like to do the same thing