Real-time Render: no real-time analysis?

Hi all,

I’m new to Wavelab but not to mastering. After getting used to the software and finishing up my first project - an 8-track album - I noticed there’s no real-time analysis when rendering in real-time. For example: Pro-L 2 on the montage output isn’t visually doing anything. Same for the stock level meter or phase scope.

Is this normal and is there any way to change this? I quite like visual feedback on levels and limiting while exporting a finished project.

Currently using latest Mac OS and latest Wavelab 11 version. I’m using clip processing on each album track, plugins on montage output (including preferred limiter), and stock dither on the master out.

Could be a simple fix or just reassurance this is how real-time rendering works in Wavelab.


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Rendering, even in real-time, uses hidden copies of the plugins, hence the audio don’t go through the opened plugins.

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REAPER recently added a nice feature that pops up when rendering files. It shows some loudness stats of the actual rendered files as it renders. See attached.

I think in WaveLab it would be nice to see a report of the peak level, Short Term Max LUFS, Integrated LUFS, and RMS.

It would also then be nice to save that as a report which was also another recent feature request. Doing it with the Batch Processor is not very inviting and as far as I can tell, requires WaveLab to make another set of files that would then just get deleted.


Interesting, thanks for clarifying.

I agree that an output report would be very helpful. I have a few clients that often want a breakdown of loudness. When using some analogue modelling plugins, there’s a chance the exported LUFS reading is 0.1 either side difference, which can be quite annoying.

IDK that this actually helps, but the few times a client has asked for such a report, I’ve sent them a screenshot of the Waveform Stats from RX. Maybe that’s not totally professional, but they’ve always been happy. They’ve been even happier when I showed them how to do it themselves.

I agree it would be cool if WL just automatically generated a report in txt/pdf form as an option on render.

Or, failing that, if the Audio Analyzer in the Batch Processor had an option to only write the report instead of also recreating identical audio files. Maybe it can do that, and I just don’t know how yet.

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I’ve just taken to writing things down as I go. Clients rarely ever ask for these things, but a couple are determined to hit -14.0LUFS with everything like to check. That’s a whole other discussion!