real time stereo flip ?

hi there, i have a situation…

I have a stereo file. the image of the stereo file is in the center ( meaning my 2 channels are equal).

I have added a tremolo and a chorus to this track and it took the whole thing and panned it to the right.

I want this to go to the left - but IF i go an pan it. I loose volume and the effect is not the same.

Is there any button or solution to flip my channel virtually and change left with right like you have a left to right flip process but in real time?

such button would be great to have next to the phase button (which doesn’t do much by the way)

please advice,

Aloha C.

I use phase buttons quite often.

One example is when a drum kit has many many toms.
I will put alternate toms out of phase to help with
mic isolation.

Or I will put headphones out of phase so that any monitor sound that gets thru
the open mic will be somewhat cancelled in that mics recording.

Live on stage I will put may put mics and monitors out of phase to
once again help with isolation.

Some of todays devices (mobile phones. headphones) use
‘noise cancelling’ techniques which many times are using
some form of phase cancelation protocols.

HTH (hope this helps)