Realbook - Fakebook Layout - Jazz Fonts

Dear Dorico users
I purchased Dorico recently. I am in the middle of watching all 100 YouTube videos. So far I have watched 30 of them.
I already know that this program is very powerful and I will use maybe 10% of it.
What I do is just single lead sheets with chords.

I would like to have results similar to those found in Realbooks and Fakebooks.
How to configure Dorico to have a similar layout ?
How many fonts Dorico has ?
Which one should I use to have nice real book layout ?
I also read somewhere that you can purchase fonts separately ?
Is it worth it ?
Are external fonts working 100% and are compatible with Dorico ?

What I also don’t like is the chord symbols with “/” bass root.
In Dorico the bass is next to the chord which makes it too long especially when the chord is already complicated.
I would like the root bass to be under/below (at angle) to the chord.

I attached files to compare. dorico vs realbook

I will appreciate any help and guidance regarding this.
Thank you

and also I attached 2 files #1 & #2 that for me are pretty clear, easy to read and look interesting.

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I’ll let someone handle the font questions, but the diagonal line option is in Engraving Options:

As far as I know, the only jazz-style SMuFL font is one of MuseScore’s, with which I have no first hand experience. Dorico only has one jazz font, but let me tell you that Petaluma is the best I’ve seen!

IIRC This is the topic of the latest Discover Dorico Hangout

Thank you