Realistic Acoustic Guitar Sound

Hi there.

First of all: I think I am quite what you call a greenhorn.

Well I want to create a realistic guitar sound especially when it comes to an acoustic guitar as I don’t have the opportunity and the equipment respectively to record my guitar at home.

So no I wonder how I can get a realistic guitar sound. I tried the DSK Guitar Acoustic VST plug in so far. I drew the chords using the MIDI editor but when it comes to chords I am not satisfied at all. It sounds like a little child hammering on the strings. No feeling. Quite mechanical.

My questions now are:

  1. Is there a VST plugin you would reccomend to me?

  2. Is there a possibility to differ between “moving the hand/plec down or up” (sorry, the English term won’t come to my mind right now. I think you know what I mean. The German terms are “Abschlag” and “Aufschlag”)

  3. How can I make sound smoother? So I get more kind of a “flow”. So I get rid of that mechanical sound.

  4. And is there a way to easily enter chords?

    Regarding point 3): I used to move the single notes very, very slightly so that all the strings aren’t hit at exactly the same time. This makes it sound more “human” but only a bit. Anyway, in my eyes this is a trick or a cheat but no solution.

Regarding point 4): I used to just draw the notes using the MIDI editor or record my keyboard an then change it a bit. But that’s tedious and I don’t believe that there’s no easier way to do so as the MIDI editor follows that piano design.

Thanks for any help in advance. :question:

Try Sound Machine Wood Works.
Downside is that you need a UAD2 card (not much of a downside for me) but it is a superb plugin

It will turn a DI type recording into one that sounds like it was tracked with expensive microphones…but it does mean you will have to record an actual guitar using the built-in DI
The only “fake” alternative was Steiny’s Virtual Guitarist and I am not sure this is still available.

Or just for strummed acoustic guitar the Native Instruments “Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic Library” very good libraries for Kontakt.

If you have some extra cash check out IK’s SampleTank 3.5. You should be able to hear a sample on the IK Multimedia’s website and download a trail version (I think) if you like it.

Regards :sunglasses:

There are a number of great products that would work for you. I own AGM2 by Ample Sound and am very happy. Very realistic. They have a free version to try. Search google and you will find others in all price ranges.
Most will have the ability to trigger downstrokes and upstrokes so it sounds smooth and natural.
They usually detect the chord you play on the keyboard and translates it to a guitar voicing.
The strumming features automatically stagger the start of each string like a real guitar.
Here is a list of the others I came across: (some require Kontakt)

Orange Tree Evolution
Ilya Efimov
acoustic Samples
Indie fingers Dream Audio tools
strum aas gs1

You may be interested in something like this…

They also offer an electric guitar version.

I like the AMPLE SOUND guitars too! There is a free light-version you can check out:
It’s about 800 MB (the full version is 6 GB).

Another great instrument is NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Scarbee FUNK GUITARIST! I think it is a bit underrated…
If you need FUNK-Chords (it has over 3400 sampled) and rhythms, this could be the rigt for you. But it’s a bit specific for this genre. You can edit the rhythm and choose between differnt arcticulations. But it has a lot of cool presets. (It comes with 8 GB compressed)
But I think you look for something differnt…

Probier mal Real Guitar von MusicLab.


I know it’s already been listed above, but I found Ilya Efimov’s Acoustic Guitar to sound very realistic.

I have that, plus Ample Sounds AGM and Indiginus Acoustic Libraries as well, but I’m mostly impressed with Ilya Efimovs one.

He had a half price sale last year just for one day.
I believe it was on May 9, celebrating the Russian history of some particular victory, [which I can’t recall right now], but that’s only 3-4 weeks away

That one and Indiginus’ are for Kontakt 4.

Ample Sounds are stand alone.

I hear the free one is highly regarded.

Oh WOW - just checked out the “Ilya Efimov Nylon Guitar” - great as a classical guitar !!!
I heared nothing better so far.

But the AMPLE SOUND Guitars are still my favorites for strumming - I found noch examples from the “Ilya Efimov” for this.

Thanks jamusic!!!

But the AMPLE SOUND Guitars are definitiv not only standalone - they are availiable for all applications!

Yeah slashgad - I too have 3 Ample Sounds guitars, including his classic guitar AGL, where as Ilya Efimov’s can only be used in Kontakt.

If you’re interested in classical guitar Vsts, there’s another one that’s new from Indiginus for only $45.


It’s really quite good - especially for the price. But again, it’s only for Kontakt.

YEEAAAHHH!!! - really goog guitars!!! I just checked them all!!! Amazing - to a very good price!!! I think sooner or later I pick one of these. Or more than one! And for 5 $ a LEAD GUITAR - pretty cool!!!

As a former guitarist, which can not play anymore becaus of a rare disease, this is very important for me!!! KONTAKT is no problem (with K9)!!! THANXXX A LOT !!!

Glad to help Mang!

Rare disease - boy that’s rough.

To a lesser extent, I am having some troubles playing as well.

Late last year, I was diagnosed with early arthritis, which hampers my playing of the guitar, among other things.

So these guitar Vst libraries are a real God-send to those of us who not only want them but need them as well.

:smiley: “God-send” - YESSSS - I think so too !!!
It’s really great, what you can do on a computer today.

I know, right - even so much more than just 10 years ago.

Today again !!!

SALE of all ILYA EFIMOV guitars and instruments!
Very good chance to get a great acoustic & nylon vst-guitar!!!

THANKS for this tipp !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your welcome slash! Happy to help.
Consider his Accordion and Duduk as well, if you think you can use them.

I have his Accordion in more & more of my projects and even the Duduk is creeping into a few more now & then.