Realizing Chord Text

Realizing Chord Text - found very useful in Sibelius, is there a possibility of this feature being made available for Dorico please?

You mean a feature to “explode” a chord symbol into appropriate notes? If so, there’s no feature for that at present, but it’s certainly possible for the future.

Hi Daniel, yes that’s what I mean, It was a feature called ‘Realize Chord Symbol’ in Sibelius… I could select the chord text above the stave and it would put it in notation etc… :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel - If Dorico can playback chord symbols from the chord track then it can’t be a major step to have a function to write (realize) the chords as a part in the score? In fact, I can manually export the chord track and then import it as a flow. This just need to happen as a function within Dorico.

Welcome to the forum, GetFletch.

You are always welcome to make suggestions, etc. here but realize that it is not kind to suggest something is simple or “not a major step” for the development team to add. I’m glad you have found a work-around and appreciate your sharing it as you did above.

Maybe a dumb question, but how do you export the chord track?

I believe if the chord track is unmuted and you export a MIDI file, the notes played for the chord track will be included in the MIDI file.

You are right, Daniel. The are exported as a piano.