really annoying bug

I’ve had this problem ever since I updated to Cubasis 2 and it’s kinda hard to explain. Basically I’ll finish recording a song and then I’ll listen to it back and it will be fine. But then I’ll come back to it later and I find that some of the tracks have just completely messed up like the bass track is not only completely out of time but also some of the files for the bass track seem to have been copied and pasted somehow into another track like the guitar track. So I’ll listen to the song back expecting to hear the guitar riff but I actually hear the bass line where the guitars should be and the bass itself is completely out of time. The actual guitar files have seemingly been completely erased so I have to record it all again but it’s just going to happen again so I need this fixed.

I understand one of the ‘known problems’ is that if you haven’t got much storage left then data may be lost but firstly I have lots of space on my iPad left and this seems to go deeper than just data loss; it’s like it’s somehow confusing all the files and jumbling them around.

Please help.

Thanks, Alex

I should have said I’m on an iPad mini 3, ios 10.0.2 and have about 19GB storage free (64GB iPad).

Hi Alex,

Please provide us with an exact step by step description in order to give the issue a repro at our end.