Really bad cursor problem


I’ve been using Cubase 6 on my MacBook Pro with an external 24" screen. Works fine.

I tried using Cubase without the screen, with just the retina screen, and I found that the cursor is not where it should be. I cannot click ANY button. Instead it clicks somewhere to the left of the cursor, activating whatever button is there a few inches away. Using Cubase is impossible. The problem only happens within Cubase. I click on the top bar of a Cubase window and it is fine dragging it around/closing it, as it is when I click anywhere else in the Finder.

A very frustrating problem as I can’t work without the external screen now.

Any help please?


Reuben OSX 10.8.5 2.6 ghz Intel Core i7

Thought this was a known issue with retina.

Hey! Thanks :slight_smile:


YES. Life now saved. Cheers!