Really need some help w/ brainstorming these issues

Hi guys,

per my previous post im still dealing with major lag issues with 9.5.30. 9.0 seems to be working fine at least loading quicker.

The loading screen on 9.5 gets stuck at VST2.x for a ridiculous amount of time and then sessions are generally feeling sluggish once opened. Not having the problem in 9. I did trash preferences, I also tried removing plugins from the folder in chunks to try single out a particular culprit. But nothing… All im getting is a laggy system not suitable for work with 9.5

All other programs and the computer in general is working fine everywhere else.

The only input I have is if you use slate plugins as I do, when I paude the everything bundle I havr to remove all plugins thst I dont own, otherwise what you describe happens.

This did happen initially when the subscription was renewing I think. Are you saying non slate plugins? I dont see how that would effect it?

No no, just slate products, and it happens when I quit the everything bundle and just use the slate plugins I own, then I have to removr the rest of the Slate stuff.

Thanks but im not quite understanding you. I do own the everything bundle, as it seems you do, so what are you removing?

Ok, so I own a bunch of Slate plugins, but not all the modules in the VMR. Sometimes I take a month subscription for the everything bundle, and every time I stop the subscription I need to uninstall all the modules that I don’t own.

got you… Yea no I stay subscribed to the everything bundle. So i have no idea. Maybe ill try uninstall and re-install anyways.

What I noticed was that the pace program used like 20% of my processor performance, if not more, check to see if it’s the same for you.

well removing slate didnt do anything… :frowning: welp back to 9.0

Can you list your system ?