Really odd player issue


Couldn’t find this problem in any of the other forum dicussions.

I have a Flute 3 player who seemingly snuck into my score. The player doesn’t exist in either
the list of "playersP, or in the list of “layouts”, but does exist in the full score. Any suggestions? I’d be
glad to send you a copy of the project so you can see for yourself.


Chalon Ragsdale

PS - I’m a relatively new Dorico user, thought I “bought in” at the
earliest offering. Longtime Sibelisu user (since 2000)

Welcome to the forum, Chalon.
In the left panel of Setup mode, each player has a little drop down arrow (known, confusingly, as a caret). If you click these carets you should be able to see who’s (mistakenly) holding the third flute.

Leo, I’m interested where you’ve picked up this term in relation to these sorts of arrows in Dorico, as it’s not the term we use. I’d encourage users to think about them as “disclosure arrows” or simply “arrows”, as they tend to indicate either ‘more options/items are available’ or ‘you can access a menu’. I even wrote a topic about disclosure arrows so that whenever one encounters them in Dorico, as they occur relatively frequently in various places, the opportunities they represent are clearly understood.

I suppose that if you google “caret”, images, you’ll find that ^ is a character that goes by the name of “caret”, I think that’s why people misuse it for the “disclosure arrows” :wink:

Outside of Dorico, caret is a synonym for circumflex (^). At some point along the way I’ve evidently misunderstood that it specifically refers to arrows that point upwards, so you’re absolutely correct that I’m misusing the term.

I thought that I had picked this up from Daniel, but a quick search of the forum indicates that that’s not the case. In fact, if I’d picked up Daniel’s preferred terminology I’d be using the term “chevron” :wink:

We’re well aware of this, hence why my question was specifically “in relation to these sorts of arrows in Dorico”.

Ah yes, although for the sake of simplicity/accessibility I’ve not used that term in the docs. In general, given that “caret” in Dorico means something very specific, i.e. the line that allows you to input notes and notations at that position, I think it’s good to be cautious about using that term elsewhere for other things (in the context of Dorico).

Yes, I’ll be more careful in future.

It’s okay, Leo; I don’t think most of us caret all.