Realtek ASIO audio output issue

[NOTE: I have read the “first thing to do when starting cubase” and as much as I can on ASIO drivers in cubase. ]

For Cubase 11 LE ai on win 10 x64 build 10.0.19042 AMD ryzen 7 3700x with msi x470 gaming plus max m/b and realtek latest ASIO drivers:

Problem, when I load an mp3 file to play the track from cubase 11 LE there is no output to my speakers, connected to the onboard (motherboard) line out. I understand this may be a typical issue with realtek? Does that mean I need a pcie soundcard? If so is there a steinberg recommendation. regards

Hi and welcome,

Try to install ASIO4ALL and use the Realtek driver in it. It’s always better to use ASIO in Cubase.

Not possible to use anything but ASIO with Cubase 11 LE ai. The issue is with realtek ASIO but even so the software is cumbersome, non-intuitive, and far too complex for a beginner; I went ahead and nuked it. Like merkel cubase is dumpy complicated and annoying. Waste of twelve smackers too… regards