Realtek ASIO no sound with their propretary ASIO driver

Good morning,

I have an issue with my Realtek HD Audio device.

Since, it is a very generic and non-professional audio interface, I used to work with ASIO4ALL to make it working with Cubase.

However, I found recently that there is a Realtek HD audio driver which is compatible with ASIO. So, I installed it.

Now, I can use their own propretary ASIO driver with Kontakt with very low latency (around 1.9 ms). It works also with Ableton Live and, I think, with other DAWs.

But the same ASIO driver is not working in Cubase 10.4. I can choose it on the dropdown list, I can open Realtek ASIO control panel, I can set settings, … but when I play track, nothing happens, there is no sound and faders are not moving on the interface.

How to solve this issue?

It’s not possible for anyone to help you since artists either have a sound interface with genuine ASIO or use asio4all for installation.

On the off chance that Realtek ASIO didn’t introduce during ordinary establishment, at that point I believe that your motherboard doesn’t uphold it.

Investigate the inf in the GitHub underneath, one monster rundown of motherboards (with the Realtek audio hardware id) introduces just THREE programming parts.

A more modest rundown of 15 motherboards introduces each of the FOUR programming segments.


After exploration, it seems to be related with sampling rate. Using Voicemeeter Banana, I got the Realtek ASIO working at 44.1 kHz sampling rate, but not at 48 kHz. On Cubase, I’m unable to change the sampling rate, it is locked to 48 kHz on the interface (why?).

At this time, I’m using Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO as a bridge between Cubase and Realtek ASIO, it works fine, at 5-9 ms latency.