Realtek Audio Solution!

I’ve found a solution for using Cubase without any audio interface, perfect for anyone using a PC laptop that is trying to simply use their onboard speakers on the go. When using ASIO4ALL, I was not getting any output from sources other than Cubase. I found a not-so-simple solution, and I figured I’d share it here considering it took me 4 hours to figure out. I’m not exactly tech-savvy so perhaps someone else has found a better solution, or simply something like this before, but I couldn’t find anything else on the topic while troubleshooting.

Step 1: Download VoiceMeeter Banana (a.k.a. the Holy Grail) from VB-Audio.
Step 2: Open Sounds, and set Sound Scheme to No Sounds. Set VoiceMeeter Input as your default device, and ensure that VoiceMeeter Aux Input and Realtek Audio are enabled.
Step 3: In Cubase, under Studio, open Studio Setup. Go to VST Audio System, and set your driver to VoiceMeeter Virtual ASIO.
Step 4: Go to Studio again, and open Audio Connections. Set VM-VAIO 1 and VAIO 2 (for left and right).
Step 5: Open VoiceMeeter Banana, and set Hardware Out to MME: Speakers (Realtek Audio).
Step 6: Finally, ensure in your Sound Mixer that you’ve selected VoiceMeeter Input.

I also had to ensure that my Cubase Project was set to 48K. I used 44.1K in the past, so this quickly solved that issue. I’m not sure if this is the most efficient solution, but I don’t have any latency , and I can hear from all sources just fine. I’m curious if this will help anybody, and whether or not this is a stupid solution to the problem. Share your results if this helped at all!

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I think any solution that works and especially works for you is not stupid. I did try asio4all on a laptop for fun and found it worked fine but a lot seem to have problems with it. I don’t use the laptop for audio so it was only a quick test to see if I could get audio out. I’d never be interested getting audio in.

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I’m using Generic Low latency driver, which came with Cubase. Never find any problems with it.

Found it more useful then asio4all, because it allow to play audio in browser

the problem i had with the Generic Low latency driver and Realtek audio on my laptops is that it always played 48KHZ, cubase couldn’t change it, but with ASIO4ALL it changes the sample rate according to the project.
as a side note, in my laptop (a new one) the realtek audio was not move automatically to Headphones when i inserted the headphone plug to headphone output jack, there is a setting on realtek audio to choose "a multi streaming or classic(or basic cant remember) " i switched to classic and now it works like the old way.(when plug headphones the sounds go from speakers to headphones )