Realtek Line In Option Not Showing

I am using Elements version 10.5.12 build 123, built Feb 12 2020. I also have Realtek Audio installed.

What I am basically trying to do is to plug my drum machine directly into my laptop, press play on the drum machine and record it on Cubase.

The problem I am having is that there appears to be no option to select ‘line in’. From Studio > Studio setup… > VST Audio System, there is only one ASIO driver I can select (Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver). Selecting Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver I can only see ‘Microphone Array (Realtex ® 1/2’ as input ports.

When Cubase is not running (not sure if that provides a clue) I can hear the drum machine through the laptop speakers perfectly fine.

Any guidance would be most gratefully received.

makes sense, it works the way you describe it. You must an ASIO driver in Cubase and set the inputs correctly.

I would not recommend using a build-in laptop soundcard to record audio (both for quality and latency reasons) but if you want to anyways I think the easy to do it in a program like Audicity and then dump it into Cubase afterward.

Try ASIO4all

That seems to be a workable solution. Many thanks for the kind guidance. I will think about the sound card also.