'Realtime' Clip/Event EQ

We need a proper ‘Clip/Event EQ’ for EQ’ing single events. Using DOP, you lose the option of sweeping an EQ band to find the spot you’re looking for since DOP won’t take effect, with audible changes, until you release the parameter you’re tweaking. And the longer the clip in question is, the longer DOP takes.

I absolutely love DOP for many tasks, but EQ isn’t one of them. IMO, this is crucial for Dialogue editing.

The best workaround I’ve found is to place the EQ you want to use as an insert, find your settings, then drag the EQ over to the DOP window, then reset the plugin that’s still sitting on the insert to its default state.

DOP is not an real time process

benmrx , you’re so right! Just the same here. I miss that functionality after crossing from Samplitude.

Coming from mainly Pro Tools I’ve gotten so used to just automating EQ that it’s a non-issue for me.

Yeah…, that’s exactly the problem for clip/event based EQ work where you want to sweep around to find what you’re looking for.

That’s funny because for me coming mainly from PT I got so used to Clip based EQ that I can’t live without it.lol.

Well, I started doing post in PT back in 2000, way before it was added… so…

The thing is you already have it.
Clip based real time eq IS real time eq, just static and not dynamic.
Just add another plugin and use that as a static eq if you want to (using fill loop).

However I do get the point.
I would love to be able to preview DOP processes in real-time, and then it would DOP render it in the background as that would give us best of both worlds. Quicker workflow without increasing CPU load (not like PT clip effects).

Yes, I think it makes sence. That would be great!

Maybe I’m misunderstanding here. What do you mean by 'clip based real time eq is real time eq"? Is there another option in Nuendo for clip based EQ that does NOT use DOP that will let me hear changes in real time? I.E., sweeping an eq?

I think Erik is referring to what I was saying, which was that I’m used to just selecting clips/events and set my automation parameters to

-range(loop) to selection (or whatever this is called)
-fill to loop

then when adjusting the EQ I can do so in realtime, and when choosing “punch” it’ll fill those settings to the loop which is now the range of selection which in turn is matching the clips/events.

Like I said, you’re now not dealing with realtime clip effects but rather automated parameters…

What Mattias said.
I was also (badly) referring to PT clip effects.

What I mean is that if it isn’t rendered as a new sound file (like DOP), then it is a real time effect (like PT clip effects).
With rendered effects you don’t use any DSP apart from when previewing and rendering.
With real time clip effects you use DSP to apply those static effect settings in real-time.
So to me real time clip effects while a nice layer that doesn’t use any inserts still use as much DSP as they would using an insert (bar some very minor coding differences).

And since real time clip effects is technically the same as real time automated effects using inserts, you could use specific inserts to add static processing if you wanted to.

sounds like “quick spot to clip automation” is what this real-time EQ is in pro-tools I guess. from what I gather

The coolest thing about the clip eq snapshots is the ability to assign 5 often used values to the keys 1-5. So, you can have a high pass on 1, a general de-lav on 2, a presence boost on 3 etc.
That way you can just go through a dialog track and non destructively assign eq presets on the go. Infinitely useful.
The thing that is even a million times cooler than the clip eq in PT, is that you can RELIABLY copy and paste plugin automation states or whole mixer shortcuts in PT.

I never really understood Steinbergs DOP approach. (Well I kind of do, because it eliminates CPU problems on misbehaving plugs with a gazillion of parameters I suppose)
But in real life the theoretical overload never happens, even when copying and pasting whole mixer snapshots between scenes.