realtime deactivated message always blocking view

I am doing a lot of work with pitch / variaudio on vocals, which is even easier now that we can do this in the lower zone while having a zoomed in view to align backing / doubled vocals, and II am really grateful for this way of working, but I do not understand why this message always pops up in the middle of the screen, wheen I am Warping vocal timing obstructing my view for 5 seconds on every edit:

it is surpising as it happens even with veery mild streech factors (1.05 and smaller) and I don’t know what it means and why Cubase needs to turn this feature off on every edit; in a Session I may easily do 1000-3000 edits so you can imagine how this creates a true productivity problem.

Is there a way I can switch off this realtime editing for good? I just want my vocals to be tight, and not be bombarded with an unnecessary message over and over and over.

Just a note - the project was originally recorded with an older version ofcubase eeither 7.5 or 8 Pro, now I am on 9.5 Pro, so this may actually be one of the reasons for this… can this be worked around somehow?

I found this setting in Editing - Audio

unfortunately after changing Time Stretch Tool Algorithm from Realtime to MPEX - Solo Musical the message still persists. it comes up even when I change the length of subclips in the comp tool (so I am not even warping anything), every time ad nauseam. I think it must be a bug / glitch somewhere I really hope Cubase addresses this because it is literally burning my time and an eyesore. At least they could put the message at the bottom of the screen if it has to be popped up so frequently.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

I’m getting this message all the time also, did you manage to solve this?

I’m new to warping in Cubase so maybe I’m missing something here…

I may have a solution. Well, it has stopped with me and also the crashes seem to have stopped which were happening when I tried to open the wave form in the main editor as opposed to the lower zone editor. This actually started to crash when I opened the midi editor too. Both midi and wave were working in lower zone, just when I opened the full editor it crashed. Fingers crossed it has stopped.

I went into media pool ctrl + p then changed all audio event algorithms that were not Standard Solo to Standard Solo. Many of mine were set on Elastique - Time.

I hope it helps!