Realtime MIDI tap tempo (was "Allow BPM to be MIDI-mapped")

This is possible in other hosts such as Ableton or Cantabile and IMHO an absolute killer for those making live music (to slow down loops and so). It would also speed up recordings for those doing everything from a MIDI keyboard (how often do we change the click tempo when we record a new song?!). This would save us precious time. Please make that happen!

Cubase does this. Put tracks in “musical mode.”

I forgot to add “in Real-time” and it is probably clearer if I put it as “tap tempo”. A use case would be: the band is playing something, you sequenced something in cubase and now you want to play it live. Instead of forcing the band to match your click, use MIDI to tap tempo to set the bpm and then click play.

As far as I know, tracks in Musical Mode don’t allow you to do this, or I am wrong?

It is almost the same as this request but with emphasis on allowing MIDI to tap tempo. (When you are playing drums you don’t want to be messing with a space bar…)

I totally agree, I am trying to get a simple solution within Cubase to start a song just by tapping on my foot switch (connected to a midi controller). But,unfortunately, it is not possible. Cubase pro (?) does not support this (so far I know). I will push steinberg to come with a solution. It will make live with Cubase so much more easy.

Thanx for all your replies. But until now it is not possible to get starting Cubase by tapping your footswitch. But, it has been put on the software wish list. So, maybe available in the next version.

Thanks for pushing it Rob. If they added just this, I would already buy the upgrade!


There are transport commands for Stop, Play, StartStop, Record which can be mapped via G/R to a footswitch. I’ve been doing it for 10 years with MIDI drums.

But as to the original request, this is related to my recent post on Jog Wheel AND on my ‘Annual Request’ for a VariSpeed. (Plus about a dozen other posts.)

The idea of all these requests is that one should be able to speed up/slow down the tempo of a CPR (AND individual clips) in real time using some sort of controller gizmo or automation.

Personally, I’d like to see something akin to a tempo envelope on each Event. Doesn’t need to be complicated. Just a way to accelerate or spin down. If I needed anything more complex, I’d slice the event and manipulate each clip individually.


I would like and would use a tempo envelope for each part. For me midi would be more important than audio.