Realtime SRC support for mixed sample-rates in same project?


Just checking to see if there is a way to support a workflow which includes putting files of different sample-rates into the same project, and having Nuendo convert them on the fly. Such that the pitch would remain the same, unless one specifically requested a pitch-shift change.

Being able to do this is extremely helpful for sound design when, for example, you’ve recorded something at 192kHz with a mic such as the Sanken CO-100k that has exceptional high-frequency response, and you want to pitch shift it down in real-time, without rendering out many different pitch-shifted versions of those files. You’re trying to find your way through the material, and each time committing to a particular pitch is not helpful.

BTW, Reaper and I believe Pyramix (and some others) support this workflow. In Reaper, one is able to also select the quality of the SRC algorithm.

Just doing a sanity check here – I believe this is not possible in Nuendo, but if it is, someone please chime in!


– madison