Realy liking being about to organize my VST folders!

I don’t know how recently Cubase implemented this, but I just discovered that I can make custom organizations of all my VST plugins and instruments. Very cool! Loving it! It has been really great to just for example have a “compressors” folder with all my compressors. Now, when I need one I can really take the opportunity to explore some of the many plugins that I never use. I have discovered some really great plugins that I have had for years but just never used because I always go to the same ones over and over…

I like the folders a lot too and I’ll also use the Collection option to pair things down even more. Every once in a while I forget that I’m in one of my Collections and have to remind myself to go back to my complete list to find everything, but I enjoy being able to pair down from the wide options to a shortened list. Happy Recording!

Organizing plugins into folders is noe of the hugest things Steinberg has done over the years. After over a decade of digging thru default VST lists, having them organized my way changed my approach to selecting tools and actually aloo forced me to dig out a few lesser used plugins as well.

It’s kinda like cleaning your house enables you to think and get so much more done.
Therapeutic even!