Reamote style app for Cubase

if Steinberg could make a an app like FXTeleport or Reaper’s Reamote for cubase which doesn’t need extra cards or anything else to work in a network environment, it would propel Cubase into a different realm!
I have a fairly powerful system but still run out of juice just when I need it most. Vienna Pro is expensive, problematic from what I hear, it crashes my friend’s system. It does not work in the same easy way, it is cumbersome.
FX Teleport was the best and so easy to work. Shame that company went out of business.
If anyone knows of anything similar that would work with Cubase with simply a LAN network cable, I would appreciate the heads up.
If not, I would love for Cubase to incorporate this into a future version. Would be fantastic.

vst system link ? (via an audio card?

Something like this?

No, I don’t use ipad or Mac, I just need to use raw power from another pc on a network via a lan cable i.e
Vienna Pro

…but thanks for contributing anyway :slight_smile: