I want to reamp through my Kemper amp via SPDIF.
Obviously I need a separate output within Cubase so I don’t get the whole mix through the Kemper but cant work out how to do it via the EMU 0404.
I’ve tried using E-wire but it aint really doing it for me and I’ve spent hours trying to get it working
Has anybody succsessfully managed this?


I do this all the time but with a different interface. Basically you have to setup a new mono output (F4 to get to I/O) and set that to spdif output. Then set the di track to go out that new output. Then of course your new track has an input.

Very similar to doing it with a real amp.

Now sometimes this introduces delay that you will have to compensate for. So send a quick pop or something to line them up. Even digital modelers add a tiny bit.

Oh and with the Kemper via Spdif, you have to use the Kemper as the clock otherwise it may never sync or you end up with pops/clicks. It is 44.1khz too.

Thanks, the problem Is that the spdif doesn’t show up in Cubase as a separate output, you have to change the routing within the emu patchmix itself before this happens. I finally managed it after about 2 days:)
For anybody else who’s stuck:

I had to create a new strip in the Emu patchmix, reconfigure the Cubase ins and outs and then create a send within the patchmix to go only to the SPDIF and re-route the track within Cubase to the new out.