ReAmping and Monitoring using UR44C

I got a UR44C to replace my old Saffire Pro 40, mainly because I loved my UR22mkII, and I actually don’t need 8 ins, also USB-C > Firewire.

The one thing I could do on the Focusrite that I can’t find out how to do is as follows…

I would plug in Guitar on an input and have that routed straight out on another output (to a Reamp box, Pedals, Amp etc.) I would then mic said amp on another input. Meaning I could record Guitar DI and Mic’d amp at the same time, and have latency-free monitoring through the amp (or mic in).

How do I do that on the UR44C? It has the I/O I just can’t find the routing options, and it’s killing me.