Reamping / UR22 issues


So i’m fortunate enough to be able to plug my live rig directly into my interface and use cab IR’s to get my live flavour silently. I love it!
My current rig goes:
Guitar> OD (currently set on my mxr custom badass) > THD Univalve> Quilter Tone Block> Steinberg UR22 interface. All of the becessery line leveling options and dummy load components are there and personally approved by the amp manufacturers to work well in a no mic necessary situation.

So i’m starting to reamp! Just picked up a Radial X-Amp Reamper (the dual channel active guy) and am running into issues.

The problem: i can’t seem to get my dry DI signal routed to the reamp box for some reason. On the Steinberg UR22 you are limited to 2 TRS balanced line outs, usually used to hook up your studio monitors. I use headphones, so those outs are free to rout to a reamper. In Reaper, i go to my dry track channel, and set my hardware output to 1/L which is the out that utilizes a 1/4" to XLR cable to hook into the reamper. Then that hooks to my rig, which is sent back into input 1 on my mixer, the reamping setup. What am i missing? Obviously XLR and TRS yield differences but i feel like i should be getting some signal at least to the reamper. The reamper has a clipping light that doesn’t flare up at all, and when i drive the gain on the reamper i get mad feedback. I can hear my amps hum in the channel i am trying to reamp, so i know it’s ready to receive signal. Also, by using the DI track’s send to hardware out 1/L will just let me head the dry track in my left ear. I’m sure i’m missing something in my DAW.

Sorry for the read, trying ti be as elaborate as i can. Thanks in advance for your time, if we get this going i’ll post some thrashy jams

Same problem here.
I guess steinberg ur22 is not good for reamping thats all. :frowning: