Reamping with Direct Input and Reamp Box


First time excited user of Cubase. Long learning curve ahead. Came from Logic Pro.

Even though I’m starting out in Cubase, one of the most crucial things for me is to have my reamp setup configured properly in Cubase. My routing chain:

guitar (Git) → DI box → Analog1 of interface → Analog1 In of Dry Guitar mono track → Analog1 Out of Dry Guitar mono track → Analog1 out of interface → amp/reamp box → Analog2 in of interface → Analog2 In on mono Reamp Track → Main Stereo Out

What I’m able to do:

  • Reamp from the dry recording
  • Record both the dry and reamped signal simultaneously
  • Play on my guitar and hear the wet signal

What I can’t do:

  • Can’t seem to monitor the dry signal only (can only monitor the wet signal)
  • When I do an export of the wet track I can only hear the unprocessed signal (seems strange considering the above).

    Much appreciate your time.


OK, it seems that by muting the dry track I can export the wet (reamped) track properly.

This is still confusing for me since in the audio mixdown window I selected only those with outputs routed to Main Stereo Out, but the dry track was not - I still had to mute this track to get the audio to export properly.

Can anyone shed any explanation?


Sure, it is not going to the master out

thanks, I worked that part out. Must’ve been fatigued.

But still unsure why I have to mute the dry track to export the wet properly even though only outputs that are going to the master out is checked in the audio mixdown window.