Reamping with the Mr816

Anyone doing this? I’m trying to do this with the Little Labs Redeye 3D and I can’t get the levels right–even though the 3D is supposed to be idiot proof :frowning:


Yes I tried it. It was hell to be honest.

First of. The Output is +4db on the MR816. Check what the DI box line level in is set up for.

The Mr816 master volume set the out put volum on all channels 1-8 by default. I have manage to get it to only set output volume on 1-2 after i whent in to MR mixer (windows) and whent mental whit the setup. So now mine set volume on 1-2. And set only volum on 3-4 if i select 3-4 in Mr mixer. But if i select 5-6 It sets volume for both 5-6 and 7-8. Strange…?

So you have to

  1. log out of cubase and set volum in the mr mixer on channels 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. Store and don’t tuch the master volum ever again! You have to use the “audio hardware” in cubase to adjust volum on channel 1-2.

  2. hit f4, set up a stereo out (the channel you are using and a nother one. but in pair 3-4 5-6 7-8).
    Now you will get that channel up in the “audio hardware” in cubase. You will see 1-2 and the channel you set up in “audio hardware”. Now you can adjust the out volum on the channels sepratly.

It is annoying that the Mr816 don’t have a option for selecting master volum nob to only adjust output 1-2.
It is fustrating that you can’t set output volum to mono channels in “audio hardware”
It is a pain in the neck that output volum isn’t integrated in the mixer in cubase. Yes there is faders you can move but not the line level.

Hope some of this makes sence? :slight_smile:

I tryed the reamping with out a reverse DI box. So I had to be able to adjust the volum on the go for matching the levels. It workt. But I will invest in a DI box, caus there was a big loss in the lower end of the signal doing it the “poor mans way”…

Thanks for taking the time to write. The RedEye 3D is specifically a direct box and re-amping device at the same time. I guess what threw me off is that the Master Volume control on the MR816 affects the signal going out so my amp wasn’t getting enough juice. I’ll have to look into the mixer solution. I’ll post back with how I solve it.

I am with the same issue !! when I go lowering volume come the 8 outs together
please how I can resove it ??