Reamping with UR44 and Kemper

Hello. I am attempting to reamp using UR44 and Kemper profiler into Cubase 10.5. I bought the UR44 to replace the UR22 because it had outputs that would connect it to the Kemper for reamping. I believe that for this to work I should use either output 3 or 4. After several days trawling through YouTube videos and reading articles I still cannot get this to work. Please, please can someone put me out of my misery and tell me what to do. I’m sure it must be something simple that I have overlooked!
Thanks :pray:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use the Audio Connections > External FX to define the effects Input and Output. Then you can use the External FX as VST effect in your project.

Please, be aware, this feature Cubase Pro only.