Reaper ARA2 mode

I am starting to use SLP9 in ARA2 mode with Reaper, trying to find a good workflow.

Is there any way to open multiple Reaper tracks simultaneously as layers onto SLP9? The only way I found is by placing various overlapping audio items on the same track, which is not ergonomic.

Also, way to import directly multiple layers from an SLP9 project in Reaper, rather than via the “File” menu “Export Audio of All Layers”?

Also, I was wondering if there are any Reaper extensions/scripts improving functionality. A quick search on the Cockos forum didn’t reveal anything.

The ARA2 integration seems less fluid in Reaper than in Cubase (not a user myself).

Any tips and tricks are very welcome. Many thanks.

Just add SpectraLayers as an FX to each Reaper track.
All audio clips on your timeline will appear as different layers in SpectraLayers.