Reaper ... WaveLab LE ... Cubase LE ?

Occasional user of Reaper … learned just the basics needed to record and perform simple edits.
Not familiar with all the FX plugins builtin to Reaper.

Just purchased Zoom H2N recorder.
Inside the package were serial numbers to download WaveLab LE & Cubase LE.

To anyone familiar with these programs do they offer anything that Reaper does not ?

Don’t know the specific differences to Reaper, but you might want to post in the Cubase LE and Wavelab LE forums for more answers.
I wondered, about the Zoom recorder, do you record multichannel files with that, or only stereo? I guess it does both.

The H2n can record 1, 2 or 6 channel files.

If you’re into song writing, a big advantage of Cubase is the song composition tools such as chord track, and it comes with a better plugin suite and sounds vs REAPER which is quite vanilla.