reappearing plugin paths

I’m currently trialling Cubase 8.5 (potentially upgrading from 5.5).

Most of the set up has gone well, but I can’t seem to get rid of some old VST2 paths I had defined in v5.5. These were automatically created in the initial installation, I assume to reduce migration hassle.

Seems reasonable, but actually I don’t want them - they are pointed at old 32 bit plugs using JBridge, and if I go ahead with the upgrade I intend to only use native 64 bit plugins. It’s eay enough to delete the paths in plugin manager, but every time I restart cubase they come back. Is there any way I can prevent this without unmapping in v 5.5. aswell (I may still want them there if I need to tweak old projects).


There are certain folders that do always load by default.

Rename the existing Jbridge plugin folder to something and add it in C5.

Thanks for the thought, which led me to here:

Useful stuff to understand better, but still doesn’t quite nail the problem. One of the offending paths is this:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase Studio 5\VSTPlugin JBridges

As the name implies, it was a path I created to put a bunch of JBridged plugs in Cubase 5. I had some hassles with some of these so I want to keep Cubase 8 completely 64 bit.

So I’ve deleted that path (again) in Plug-in Manager. I can save / close/ reopen the project and it stays gone, but when I close / reopen Cubase it somehow get’s restored. I have now moved the whole folder so the path no longer exists (and off course that prevents the 32 bit plugs being loaded) but for some reason the path still gets restored everytime I restart Cubase.

Although this works around the problem, I would still like to ‘clean house’ and permenently get rid of the redundant path if I can. I’m 1 wk into the trial period and already got non-sensical rubbish I can’t get rid of :frowning:

Try running Cubase as administrator while deleting and see if it clears it.

Another good thought, which I put to the test.
Unfortunately it’s back again next restart :frowning:

The only thing I can think is that it must be reading your old Cubase 5 preferences in which case maybe you have installed it into the same folder??
A new version Cubase really needs it’s own install location. It is not an update but a completely new program.

We could delete the prefs to delete the file in C8.5 but this will also delete them in C5 if this is what you have done.
If not then open your prefs folder for 8.5 and just delete all the xmls