Rearrange Outputs, Etc.?

For inputs, outputs, etc., Cubase displays items in the order they were added. I don’t see a way to rearrange them without deleting all of them and re-adding them in the desired order. PIA, especially if you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up the Control Room. Is there an easy way to do this? At worst, maybe an XML file I can edit to put things in the desired order?

Any advice is appreciated.


Unfortunately, there is no way.

Just make new setup and create a preset - easy to reselect that preset in any project once done.
I do that all the time getting new input channels.

I wasn’t aware you could load a preset (a.k.a., “template”) into a pre-existing project. I thought presets were used only to initialize a new project. Am I missing something?


Presets in the Audio Connections > Outputs.

Just to add to mr Jirsak.
I thought so to at first. But just select one preset that fits - it works in present project.
I keep coming back to old projects and my hardware setup has changed, so I just reselect a audio connections preset that fits current hardware setup.


Inputs and Outputs are stored with the project. Studio (Control Room) is global Cubase settings.

Aha! I see. That helps a lot.

Between this and Track Archives, updating older projects to my current workflow should be pretty straightforward. [Crosses fingers.]

Thanks, guys!