Rearrange the VSTi’s in the right zone instrument rack


I would like to rearrange the VSTi’s in the instrument rack of the right zone for the sake of clarity.
During a project, I like to swap tracks in the project window, but unfortunately the VSTi rack doesn’t swap with it.
Ok, you can click on each track and the view on the right will update, but can you press a button there (which I can’t find) to reorder/update so that it is in sync with the project window?

I use the rack because of my controller (QC) I prefer to set some values ​​using the poties while listening. I noticed that it is a bit annoying to always have to click in the track first to find and adjust the respective “synth”. I like to use the VSTirack of the right zone to get an overview of the assigned parameters.

In addition, the color of the vsti rack should also be adapted to the tracks, but please only discreetly, e.g. only the sides, plus the selection via the rack, click Vsti (arrow up/down across folders, possibly left/right) and the associated track will be marked.

Is it actually possible to save layouts in the Remote Control Editor under a different name?
And name the Pages OSC1, OSC2 etc. wich are the basis for the QC’s in the respective VST.
Unfortunately, the pages always switch back to Page1 when you go through with the up/down arrow.
(Retrologue, Groove Agent, and others)

I would like your opinions and any suggestions!

Thank you.


Instrument rack reordering has been asked for before … more than once. We’re all still waiting.

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