Reason 11 Reason Rack VST3 instruments not available in Cubase Artist 9.5

Can anyone help me resolve my issue? I’ve searched online and looked for tutorials but nothing appears to be available at the moment on this subject.

My problem is that I can’t locate any of the INSTRUMENTS from Reason 11 Reason Rack VST plugin in Cubase. The EFFECTS all load, but I can’t locate any of the INSTRUMENTS.

I’ve been in contact with Reason Studio Product Support but they’ve drawn a blank as they feel that this is an issue within Cubase.

I downloaded and installed Reason 11. Opened up the Reason 11 app and all works fine in there - sounds and effects.
I need to use the plugin in Cubase to add extra sounds to existing projects.

PLEASE NOTE: ReWire is no longer an option with Reason 11 - the REASON RACK VST3 PLUGIN SHOULD work in any DAW!

Screengrab 1
The Reason Rack Plugin appears to be correctly installed on my computer in Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST3 > Reason Rack Plugin.vst3

In Cubase Artist 9.5 there’s 2 ways that I can add a new instrument track.

Screengrab 2
I can go to Project > Add Track > Instrument which opens up the ‘Browse’ window.
Under VST3 Presets Reason Rack VST 3 is NOT showing in the list

Screengrab 3
If I click on the ‘Browse’ button in Cubase, the window collapses and I have an option under ‘Instrument’ to click on ’No VST Instrument’ which shows a pop down list to select any non-native Cubase VST plugins. Again, Reason Rack is not showing here

I’ve checked my Plug-in manager in Cubase and the Reason Rack plugin appears to be there!!!

Screengrab 4
Studio > VST Plug-in Manger > in the VST EFFECTS tab I can see that the Reason Rack Plugin EFFECTS is there


Screengrab 5
In VST Instruments tab I can see the Reason Rack Plugin is there, but can’t locate any instrument!

I’m running a MacBook Pro, OS Sierra 10.12.6
Cubase Artist 9.5.50 Build 345
Reason Reason 11 - Demo but has full access to the application for 30 days before requiring to buy.

Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

To answer my on question, and hopefully help others, I purchased Reason 11 suite, went in to Cubase, VST Plug-in manager, added it to my VST instruments, done!

It appears that you need to PURCHASE Reason 11 to unlock all the DAW features. It works perfectly, awesome sounds and FX. Reason Studios Product Support didn’t appear to know this so I will also notify them.