Reason 6.5.2 with Cubase 8.0.0 - not working

I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 8. Propellerhead Reason 6.5.2, which was working with Cubase 7.5 no longer works. I can launch Reason and load a project file into Reason, but in Cubase 8 when I click Devices->Reason ReWire, a MessageBox appears saying “Cannot Use Reason. Close Reason and try again.”

Well, I (re)tried several times, same result. I realize Reason 6.5.2 is a bit dated (I think it’s at 8.1 these days), but it worked just fine with Cubase 7.5. Now I have to upgrade Reason just to go on working normally, just because I upgraded to Cubase Pro? Really?

I haven’t upgraded my copy of Reason in a while, because I don’t find Reason to be very useful. I’m not going to drop the cash to upgrade Reason any time soon either. But I think if the App worked with Cubase 7.5.2, Steinberg should insure that it also works with Cubase Pro. Unless of course it just my problem. Anyone else experiencing problems with this combination of applications?

It -may- have to do with the order that you open the programs. If I’m not mistaken, try opening Cubase, then open Reason, then load the Reason project, then load the Cubase project. I’m still using Reason 4 with Cubase 7 32 bit,
and I get that same error message if I don’t load things in the right order.
Hope this helps.