Reason pre click and clip shifting issue in cubase 4

Hi, This is my first post so be gentle with me !

I have just dusted down my old version of cubase 4 and am using Reason as a rewire.
It all works perfectly EXCEPT…

When I hit record in reason there is no pre click (yes pre click is selected in cubase )and the recording always starts to the right of the left marker ? Even if I don’t actually record anything my reason clip starts before the left marker, so it is not a latency issue, in fact recorded notes are perfect it is just the clip length is wrong and starts too soon .
Very odd.

Please post my miracle quick fix solution and expose that I haven’t read the manual properly (which is true!!)

just to add more information the clip jumps to one bar in front of the marker and when I press stop it jumps to include one extra bar to the right.
This only happens when I use it as a rewire in cubase 4, when it stands alone, reason works perfectly so it is obviously a setting in cubase 4 that is affecting it or a rewire issue , very strange and annoying.