Reason ReWire into W7?

hi all -

I’m a Reason user and I love it for the most part, but like a lot of people I’m not a big fan of the sequencer - I tend to do my serious editing & mastering in Wavelab.

But moving between one application and the other is a clunky process. I know at the moment only Cubase and Nuendo support ReWire, any chance of Wavelab getting on board any time soon? and if not why not?

Just exactly how/why would you need/use Rewire inside of WL? I can see Nuendo and Cubase being natural Rewire clients/hosts due to their support for VSTi, multitrack recording and sequencing…but I can’t see how it would be of any use in an audio editor that doesn’t support VSTi’s or multitrack recording and isn’t a sequencer…

For effects? Or what?


Hmmm hang on maybe I’ve got this whole Rewire thing backwards.

Here’s what I want to do: use the instruments & FX in Reason but record them into WL rather than into the Reason sequencer. I asked on the Propellerhead forum about this, and they said it was something I should take up with Steinberg…?

Hmm…unless you like to record to a single stereo track at any given time - WL is probably not where you want to do your recording. And you cannot do any sequencing whatsoever.

WL is primarily geared toward audio (editing, analysis and mastering) and an assembly environment (for CD’s etc).


I’ve got WL because I’m a radio documentary producer and it’s perfect for that. But I’d also like to use it in the way you describe - i.e. recording from Reason to a single stereo track at a time in WL. Is it possible?

Not that I know of. What’s wrong with recording right in Reason? Sound like you are complicating this a bit much.


Hi Vocalpoint - just discovered the plugin “Mixup” which is using Rewire to sync your daw with the audio file you shared online with your “customer” on the mixup platform (web). Having rewire is enabling to send and receive comments in the platform, having the position showing in your daw. Having this available in WL would help a lot to use this platform/solution when proposing your masters to your customers!
link here for full details: Plugin | | Pro Audio Collaboration Tool