Reason ReWire not working with ASIO4All

Hello Folks,

ReWire is not working with the ASIO4All driver.
I see audio activity in both reason and Cubase, but there is no sound. I checked all the routine stuff: vst connections > output bus (all fine), opened Reason and made sure rewire slave mode is active, activated the VST Rewire channels.

Im sure its the driver because when I open the same project and load my audio interface, everything works fine. Thing is, I don´t want to carry my interface around… Why doesnt ReWire work with this driver? Is it a Windows thing?

HP Laptop Core i7, 12Gb ram
Cubase Pro 9
Reason 10
Windows 10

BTW, I don´t have the Generic ASIO Driver… it dissapeared from Cubase and I don´t know why, so I was forced to download and use ASIO4All which is truly anoying.