Reasons I can't leave Cubase

Vari Audio

Groups and Folder tracks

Detect Silence

Cycle Markers

Built-in bounce butler…

Asio Guard


Grid Relative

Spectral Layers

Automation Termination

Auto crossfades

Control Room - the greatest feature of all time

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For me :
External Fx
Render in place
in place Editor
Control room
How easy it is to setup key commands now
Key editor automation
Manual Delay compensation
And that’s just a few off the top of my head reasons why i love the workflow

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The things I love about Cubase are mainly:

  • MIDI editors and functions - since the Atari ST days, and still the best!
  • Group and Folder tracks - organize my chaos
  • VariAudio - built-in, and such a time-saver
  • Control Room (at least, once I’d gotten my head around it!)
  • Import and Export - particularly AAF and MusicXML

… and THE BIG ONE: integration making possible the following features:

  • SpectraLayers - I’m a fan since the (Sony) version 3, now integrated in Cubase – just wow!
  • ARA2 - integrates Melodyne, RipLink and anything else you can throw at it
  • VST Connect - flashbacks to the pandemic, but still great
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Me? I’m actually FINISHING SONGS for the first time.

Cubase is Cozy in look and feel (layout+clicks) in my view.

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