Reasons to upgrade from VST5.1

I have been using the 24 bit version of CubaseVST5 for a number of years. I am fairly familiar with it and get along fine most of the time, except for an occasional bug like pasting a part in the wrong track. Now that I have some extra cash I have been considering a newer version that is at least as full featured as this one. I can get an open box SX3 for under $200.00, but even the extra features it claims are not ones I would need.

What advantage would SX3 or any of the other packages around $200US would offer me? I have an OEM version of CubaseLE5, which is much better than the earlier one I have. It is easy, but I don’t think it has the editing options that I already have.

You mean 32 bit version of VST 5? I believe the newest Cubase Windows versions, though come with 32bit or 64 bit need Win 7 (?) If this is so, and you’re on an older OS with your older Cubase version, you may need to keep using an older Cubase version, rather than the latest. What are your computer specs & OS?

The audio engine had been supposedly been upgraded with Cubase SX3, though I couldn’t tell the difference between VST 5 & SX3 in that respect. SX3 is prettier than VST 5, has deeper editing precision within the Arrange Window, and I think can use more VSTi’s in a project. I did get to use SX3 for a short period of time, but not enough to know a lot between VST 5, it seemed better overall. Funny though, my buddy who uses SX3 still sometimes misses VST 5. Mind you he has very limited needs over what VST 5 ever had.

Thanks for the reply. I do not have the 32 bit version, which has the true tape plugin, and the better dithering option. It just says Cubase VST 5.1, which I have updated to the latest revision. I have not run out of tracks or instruments, I do find newer plugins that will not work now, but many great ones are still available that will.

I recently obtained a Tascam us1800 interface that includes LE5. I can edit from the arrange window with it, and it gives me all 18 channels without choking. It has a nice vst 3 reverb called RoomWorks that I like.

Currently I am using a Thinkpad x32 1.8 ghtz with 1 gig ram for VST5.1, and the LE5 is on an x61 dual core 2.4 ghtz with 3 gig . The extra features I read about on SX3 and beyond, like time stretch etc are not important to me. You say that the sound quality difference is not noticeable. It does not sound like its worth the effort to learn a new system for me.

The main thing I would miss would be the MIDI plugins. If you mainly use Cubase for recording a small number of audio tracks, then the LE5 you already have is better than the old VST5 and I know of at least one installation of LE5 that is working perfectly on Windows 7. I would avoid paying money for a second-hand SX3 as it is impossible to verify the legitimacy of it, and in any case, for very small money (~$50) you can upgrade your LE5 to Elements 7, which is a seriously good system and more than enough for home recording.

Note, though I personally could not tell the difference in sound quality when comparing between Cubase VST 5/32 & SX3’s audio engines, others have insisted differently…maybe they were born with dog ears.

I don’t have experience with the latest Cubase versions (nor latest Windows versions) myself, so I can’t say what features are currently available. I personally don’t have a need. I’m still not clear dlbeaty on what it is you’re missing between VST 5 & LE5? You say you haven’t run out of tracks or VSTi slots on VST 5, what about LE5? I wouldn’t tell anyone to spend more money unless they had a need, though if you ask many who’ve upgraded every version ‘just because’ they’d likely tell you it’s worth it. I’ve never been a power user myself. All I need are audio tracks and midi tracks for my 3rd party VSTi’s & my external midi gear. I’m not big on using a lot of FX’s. To me, it sounds like whatever SX3 has to offer, that would be all you’ll ever need.

As for 3rd party VSTi’s running in older Cubase versions…though it seems most VSTi developers are dropping compatibility with older OS’s unfortunately, there are PLENTY that run in it fine, even with Win XP 32 bit. I’ve already got all the VSTi’s I need, and I don’t have a need for the latest versions of them to run on a Win 64 bit platform. Well, it sucks for them that I won’t be buying it. Thankfully, there are still a few developers of software & hardware that specifically say it’ll run on Win XP…that’s the way it SHOULD be imo, I’ve read a lot of users are still running on XP.

Regarding a used copy of Cubase, I wouldn’t worry about it. Anything near $200 is a great deal for SX3…for the seller that is! It should be a lot less imo. I remember seeing Cubase VST 5/32 for sale, for like $30.00 WITH the big blue dongle & original box, hardly illegitimate. If it were me, I’d offer $50.00 to no more than $100 for SX3.

Then again, ask yourself if you think it’s worth it to upgrade your LE5 to Elements 7 as recommended above, that would probably be all you’d ever need, though Elements 7 may not have any benefits for you than SX3 does, depending on your personal needs. If it’s much less money than SX3, the choice may be clear…just as long as it will run on your computer without having to upgrade that too!

Sync, regarding your question:

" I’m still not clear dlbeaty on what it is you’re missing between VST 5 & LE5? You say you haven’t run out of tracks or VSTi slots on VST 5, what about LE5? I wouldn’t tell anyone to spend more money unless they had a need, though if you ask many who’ve upgraded every version ‘just because’ they’d likely tell you it’s worth it."

Actually, I was not sure if I was missing anything. My OP was asking for reasons to upgrade. Sometimes we don’t know what we are missing. But I upgrading just to keep up is not for me either.

For now I think I will keep what I have unless I start making money in this. Yeah right.



Well, if you’re only looking for “reasons” to upgrade, I’m not the Steinberg salesman… I’m more like their anti-sales man :wink:

I do know that if you do a lot of editing, other newer versions go deeper than VST 5. I don’t think have VST System Link with VST 5, but do with VST 5/32 with the last update (as a slave only), all other newer versions have the full VSL. I believe the included VSTi’s these days are much better…actually usable in contrast to VST 5, but I wouldn’t base buying Cubase on included VSTi’s as I prefer ‘great’ 3rd party stuff. With Cubase 5, 6 & 7 they have pitch correction built in, but you can use a 3rd part one too. I’d explore your newer LE5 quite a bit more, and do some more research on what the last few Cubase versions can do, compare features etc.

When you KNOW what YOU need more, THEN upgrade. Make music in the mean time. I have to laugh when others have tried to tell me to spend money on this and that because I ‘need’ it, that’s just stupid.

And remember, if you do get any Cubase version above VST 5, SX3, Cubase 4 or 5 etc… you can always resell it later.