Reassigning Key Commands

I was wondering if I might be missing something, or if this is simply missing from Dorico for now:

When I come to redefine a Key Command (for example, I made a KC for grouping dynamics, one for breaking secondary beams, another for breaking main beams), when I select which keyboard shortcut keys I’d like to use, it tells me whether that particular combination is presently in use.

however, it doesn’t tell me, when a key combination is alrady in use, what exactly that combination does.

Is there any way to easily know what any combination does while I’m in the process of creating my new KC?

It would be nice if Dorico said “this key combination is in use, for x-function”. This would make it easy to decide whether I want to over-write a KC I am almost sure to never use, or know that “oops, I do NOT want to over-write that one!”

Hi Michel.
You cannot overwrite a KC if it’s already in use, without “hacking” the json file (with an explicit erase command in the user json file that will “free” that command defined in the factory json, on the top of my head I don’t really remember what the command is, but everything is there in the forum).
You can open the keycommands.json files (the factory one and the user one) in a text editor and use the search command to see what command is used for what, although I recognize it’s not really user-friendly.

It does. This is what I get when I try that:

And the “Print Summary”-button puts an html-file on your desktop with a “map” of KCs in use.

[Edit: Or did I - reading Marc’s answer above - misunderstand your question?]

no, you understood my question exactly.
Maybe I should blame my eyesight for not seeing the “already assigned to…” line? I’ll have to check again. I could have sworn I didn’t see anything like that.
I’ll open Dorico and go check, thank-you for putting that image. Maybe it was too obvious for me and my eyes were just skipping over it?

I admit I did not remember that Dorico gave so much information… When dealing with the French version of Notation Express (a very large set of commands for StreamDeck) I had to work inside the json file quite extensively, hence my answer… but clearly your solution is better, as far as user interface is concerned!

aha, I now understand why I wasn’t seeing it!

it wasn’t s much that I wasn’t “seeing it” as that I wasn’t understanding what I was seeing.

I suspect that the few times I did use this option and try to reassign KC’s the information I was getting was for a function not in the specific type I was looking at, so it included lots of extra words that didn’t make much sense to my not-computer-literate brain.

I find the layout of the dialog a little awkward, but everything works. I realize it has to juggle more info than shortcut-assigning dialogs in other software because it’s designed to allow assigning multiple key combos to a given command.

It is all too easy to pick a nice new key combination and, seeing it displayed there, forget to click the Add button, and close the dialog and wonder why it doesn’t work. It just takes a little getting used to.