Rebarring music

Greetings - I see this was covered a while ago, but I’m thinking things may have changed.

I am looking at a piece I’m working and want to rebar some stuff. I want the music to remain the same, but just the meter to change. So for instance, if I have 4 bars in 3/4, I’d like to be able just to select them all, change the time signature to 4/4, and have my 4 bars of 3 become 3 bars of 4.

I’ve tried changing meter both in and out of insert mode, but so far can’t seem to get the results I’m after - grateful for any help.

Typically it really is as simple as replacing the existing time signature with the new time signature. Just bear in mind that Dorico can only rebar music as far as the next existing time signature. Oh, and if the music started as MusicXML you might find you’re hampered by a load of existing hidden time signatures (visible as red signposts if time signature signposts are visible). If this is the case, it’s the preceding barlines you need to select and delete, not the signposts themselves.

Well, it is isn’t really working out for me.

I have a bar of 2/4, followed by a bar of 4/4. I want to rebar, so that what now is the 2/4 bar will be a 4/4 bar that contains the full 2/4, and the first two beats of the next 4/4.

If I highlight the music in question, and do shift M, 4/4, what happens is the 2/4 bar remains as is, but the time signature switches to 4/4 (with only 2 beats in the bar).

If I toggle to insert mode and do shift M, 4/4, what happens is the current 2/4 bar becomes a 4/4 bar with two beats of rest at the end, and the subsequent bar remains unchanged.

What am I missing?

My second sentence?
(edit: sorry - there was a redundant “not” in the following quote, which may have confused you)

You’ll need to delete the existing time signatures.

edit: I think you’ve misunderstood how Dorico handles this: there’s no value in highlighting a load of music and then changing the time signature, because Dorico doesn’t think like that. Define a time signature and it will be respected until the next time signature. Don’t want the next time signature? Delete it.

Thanks - I’m starting to get it. Yes, in my example, I had to delete the 4/4 before doing the rebarring, then it worked. Takes a little getting used to.