Rebeat. Digital distribution?

I’m reading about rebeat today. Is it true steinberg have a program you can upload songs to digital stores free? So i pay once for the software and iTunes for example don’t charge anything for uploading songs? Why is there nothing on steinberg website?



Nothing is free mate. If you check out the Rebeat videos then they charge you for each track that you want to upload and release. It maybe a good thing for you but i’d check out the videos first. Rebeat, i think are just a distibutor.
I have a label on Beatport and soon i’ll sign up to Labelworx but i think Rebeat distribute your tracks on the likes of Beatport anyways.
Hope that helps, just watch the videos :slight_smile:



double post

Thanks. But where are the videos? Couldn’t find on YouTube?

Ever heard of google :wink:

BTW we use rebeat & have been pretty happy with the service.
There’s a 99 euro charge for the full software but after that there’s just a small charge per track.

Here you go…

The link is the English version, there is also a German version too.