Reboot Win 10 after u/g 3.5 > 3.5.10

Updated to 3.5.10 Elements this afternoon. On re-starting Dorico and opening a project, the “converting to new version” dialogue popped up then opened up a really weird blank score with bizarre graphics! Simply rebooted my Win 10 computer and all was sweetness and light once again. Haven’t got round to updating my Macbook yet but if the same thing happens, then forewarned is forearmed.

Hope this helps.

Rebooting after an update is a pretty standard expectation. I do it with just about every program, but past experience makes me especially diligent when I update Dorico.

On Windows especially, if a new update includes an updated Bravura font (which it often does), it’s often necessary to reboot in order to allow the new font to work properly. (It’s something to do with the way Windows caches fonts, but I’m not sure exactly what.)

Thanks Daniel, didn’t realise it was SOP to reboot.