Rebuild an on old Halion Library?

I know the solution is right there but the instructions are pretty convoluted to me :slight_smile:

I Have a folder of a bunch of Halion presets I made like 20 years ago…when I open them, I have to “Find the missing Files”. Is there a way to just fix this once?

I know I can save and then it shows up in my MediaBay but the organization is screwed up…(I need to learn some stuff about it).
But I would be happy to just open them from the Browser (they are already organized into folders).

What’s the strategy?



What version were you using at that time? Was it version 3 or 4? If it was version 3, you should know that the banks of this version were no longer included with versions 4 and more.

I know that version 3 banks were available on the Steinberg FTP site and that with version 4 until now it is possible to add these banks, which creates a HALion 3 library.

If your patches were created with a version previous to version 4, it is normal that it does not work.

For my part, I have been using HALion since version 3 and I have always kept the banks of this version that I use occasionally. There are a few hundred excellent presets in this version.

I hope this can be useful to you.

HALion 3b

HALion 3

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Not sure as I have been using Halion since version 1.

I have always just used the Browser. I only used banks for factory sets like Symphonic orchestra etc.

I had some old Halion patches I made myself where the sample files didn’t even have file extensions on them and Halion couldn’t recognize them.