Rebuild Mediabay database

I noticed that some audiofiles appear twice in Mediabay search results, but only one file actually has audio in it. By looking at the path of the empty audiofile I find that its location is in a folder that no longer exists. The folder used to be on the drive but I removed it. But the files that were in this folder originally are still shown in the search results.

I tried to rescan / refresh the mediabay but the non existing folder(s) still comes up in search results. Is there a way to rebuild the Mediabay database from scratch?

See attached images.

I found a “mediabay3.db” file on my system drive in: " library/Preferences/Nuendo10". Would it help to delete that file or would that cause problems?

This issue happened on my system too in the days of Nuendo8. Maybe the solutions on this link can help you solve your issues?

Good luck.
Niek/ Amsterdam