Rebuilding mediabay database Mac OS

Is anybody versed in rebuilding the database for Mediabay on Mac OS? I have tried every fix I can find on this forum including renaming/deleting the mediabay3.db file in the user prefs folder. Nothing seems to make the slightest difference. If I remove this file, it is not recreated and I get exactly the same results as before.

I have a number of midi files that are not visible in Groove Agent and a number of installed contents that do not show in the sounds and loops tab in the main arrangement window (Prime Cuts, Future Past Perfect, EDM Toolbox). Even the library manager is missing thumbnails and I am reluctant to delete certain files.

Any suggestions will be welcome and appreciated.

I followed the thread below and whilst it rescanned my content, did not restore the above thumbnails in the sounds and loops browser tab. The sounds are showing in the media bay window, but there is some break in communication somewhere. All was showing before I reinstalled my sound content.

Hi @Diam, could you please have a look into C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\VST Sound\VST Sound Updates.…

There should be two vstsound-files PAT_SMT_100_… and PIC_SMT_100_… do they exist?

Hi Joerg

I am actually on an Intel Mac. Coincidentally I have completely removed all of Steinberg content today as there was were way too many corrupted files to address.

I am going to start from the ground up this evening as I had to send a number of support tickets, which would probably slow the process down. Looking at the forum, this has not been clearly explained or resolved in 10 years. It appears there are even less Mac users with whom I can ask assistance.

I will look out for these files though. Clearly some were populating, though not sure why some were missing. Going to start with the Cubase/Nuendo content to be sure and will let you know how it goes.



So, a ground up reinstall was the only solution for my issues. I can confirm still no midi data visible for Allen Morgan Sig1 or EDM Toolbox via Groove Agent, but they do appear in the main arrangement sidebar (think that is just standard somehow). I would advise people begin with SE versions of content before full installers to ensure you have all of the sounds. All other thumbnails have been restored, plus some I could not see previously.

I deleted all cache and prefs folders, but you really need to dig around if you want a fresh install. Uninstall.pkg is a good tool, but make sure you know what you are removing before doing so.

I am on an Intel Mac, so cannot really advise for PC users though imagine it is a similar scenario. Also, I store my sounds externally, which presents other challenges.

What a nightmare. That was my whole weekend. At least now I can get into this Halion 7.