Rec enable buttons disappeared ! Help

I was working on a session when all of a sudden the buttons for record enable (circle dot that turns RED when you click it) and monitor (the little speaker button) simply disappeared from the track pane window.

They are still visible on all the mixer channels.

Yes, I CAN record, but what track goes into record mode is anybody’s guess.

I have been using Cubase for years and NOTHING changed on my hardware. This is my MacPro running Cubase 6.50.

I have no idea how to restore the record enable and monitor buttons on the track pane. Believe me, I have looked for a way to do it. I rebooted, checked my connections, etc. I am stuck. I think that I my have accidently hit some key on the keyboard by mistake.

Anyway - please help!

Thanks in advance,

  1. Expand the track list > r

  2. Right click on any track > track control settings > reset all. Does that work? You can also change the order of the different elements around.

If that doesn’t work, trash your prefs.



Thanks Jeff,

Followed your advice and did a ‘reset all’ in the Track Control Settings. That fixed the problem.

Thanks again