Recent AAF/OMF tests

Forgive me if this is nothing new, but thought this worth posting. Not trying to beat a dead horse though I might be.

Working on 13-episode broadcast show, I receive edited music from the composer in a ProTools session.

Have been outputting OMFs from PT to N6 to get tracks in. Decided to try AAF to retain fades instead of rendering.

Long story short -

PT10.3.4 OMF -> N6, rendered fades
PT10.3.4 AAF -> N6, rendered fades
N6 OMF -> PT10.3.4, live fades
N6 AAF -> PT10.3.4, live fades

Working in a facility environment with editors, I regularly receive OMFs from FCP. Whether it’s ProTools or Nuendo, the fades come in live, not rendered.

FCP OMF -> PT10.3.4 + N6, live fades

Given all the bellyaching we’ve done at Steinberg’s expense regarding AAFs, I thought it extremely interesting that there’s no way, unless it’s now possible in ProTools11, to package live (read: unrendered) fades to a different DAW, though non-AVID branded DAWs and NLEs are able to deliver live fades to ProTools. I realize that there are other issues with AAFs at hand here, and beyond, but who, then, is to fault in making collaboration between these two DAWs at least problematic?

It’s probably somewhat rare, but I use both DAWs regularly in our facility. Never really thought the “problem” of flexibility of working with other DAWs would originate on Avid’s side. Does it?

Hm. AAF has worked as I have expected it to on my end when I’ve rec’d them, mostly from Media Composer systems. I’ve seen others’ problems with AAFs into N6. I have yet to see them on my end.

The main point of my post is that, perhaps, the AAF problem originates with MC and PT systems exporting AAFs, not N6 importing AAFs. I’m pigeonholing the fact that, for instance, an Avid product can’t even output a truly usable OMF/AAF while non-Avid products can. That is f*cked up.

Mac 10.7.4, Nuendo 6.06 - it’s running like a dream for me, high track counts, ProResHQ QTs, AVID MC Pro.

And I realize that some have complaints regarding the GUI - I’ve been thrilled with the new layout, metering, CR windows, and mixer.

Want to make sure it’s clear this isn’t a “Bash Steinberg” thread. If anything it’s a “Maybe there’s more than just Steinberg to the AAF problems.”


No. AAF is working as expected coming from MC, OMF working as expected from FCP. AAF and OMF from PT rendering fades upon output. That’s jacked.

Well, it’s probably because I’m suggesting that the problem lives on the export side of ProTools, not the import into ProTools. Of course you were able to import OMFs/AAFs successfully between two Avid products. Again, I’m not talking about getting two Avid products to talk to each other.

I’m still looking for an explanation/reason as to why N6 can export without rendering fades, but ProTools cannot.

From the ProTools 10.3.4 manual:

“Pro Tools 10 provides real-time fades. When importing an AAF or OMF sequence into Pro Tools, any fades in the sequence are converted to real-time fades in the Pro Tools session. When exporting an AAF sequence, fades are rendered so that they are compatible with Media Composer or any other third-party applications.”

So ProTools renders fades so that their OMF/AAF file is compatible with third-party software. Nuendo does not render fades and their OMFs and AAFs are compatible with third-party software. Again, that is f*cked up. Steinberg’s figured it out, but Avid hasn’t?

Alright. Cheers!

I’m still looking for an explanation/reason as to why N6 can export without rendering fades, but ProTools cannot.

Its because of the old audio engine in Media composer. They haven’t upgraded it much apart from giving us a master fader and some insert slots in the mixer. Media composer is incapable of importing real time fades.

I’m having problems form MC to N4 and N6 from both OMF and AAF in any flavor with long P2 media.
It imports the first file in each clip and either leaves the rest blank or it repeats the first file for the rest of the clip duration. It seems that Nuendo is incapable of importing multi file clips into the project originating from P2 media.

It is a real problem as we do a large number of long shoots like covering events with between 4 and 8 cameras over 2 hrs and I have to use direct out audio files from MC, from both final cut and adobe premier it works fine because they consolidate and conform the audio on import before editing which was introduced before adobe premier was sold to apple and renamed final cut.