recent file list doesn't update properly

The recent file list doesn’t update properly here when Dorico is not running and I press the right mouse on the icon.
If Dorico is running and I press the right mouse on this icon that list is correctly updated.

I’m not sure what you mean, Mads. Can you give me a bit more information? What are you right-clicking on and where?

hi Daniel - sure:
I have a bunch of icons of shortcuts to programs at the bottom of the screen - amo Dorico. If I rightclick the Dorico Icon I get a recent file list which is old.
If I start Dorico I get a new icon of the now running Dorico at the bottom - if I rightclick this icon the recent file list here is ok.
Got it ?

Dorico only updates its list of recent projects on disk when it exits. Perhaps this is a list that Windows is maintaining itself, in which case I don’t know how we would influence how it is updated.

hmm - not sure about that. Other programs - Cubase, Wavelab, Adobe etc updates correctly.

I’m working on an iMac under Mac OS El Capitan and it’s the same for me. Recent projects are shown correctly in the Dorico hub. But when I right-click the Dorico icon in the dock, I see an old list of recent projects.
Any other programs I use show the right recent project list when right-clicking on the dock icon. So I assume there must be something wrong with Dorico.


Sounds like your shortcut is gone awry. The fact that when opening Dorico gets you a new icon would indicate this. Try Unpinning Dorico from the taskbar, start Dorico then repin it.

And I’m on macOS Sierra and can’t replicate the problem.

The list that appears when I right-click the dock icon has the recent projects in reverse order (most recent at the bottom of the list) whereas the list that appears in the Hub has the most recent item at the top of the list; the content within these two lists is identical.

This is a Windows issue.

Craig F, Thomas Eberth in post #11 indicates that’s it’s not exclusively a Windows problem.

Sorry, I didn’t see that. When I viewed the post originally, it wasn’t there yet. This is a common problem in Windows 10 after doing program updates.

I get an older list of projects in the dock than those in the app itself… 10.12.6

Yep! - that helped :sunglasses: - Thank’s :smiley:

You’re welcome. I see this all the time when updating programs in Windows 10.

Not sure if the Windows solution will work for macOS but you can try it. Remove it from the Dock and readd it.

Thanks, Craig - no, not on a Mac :slight_smile:

But I have the correct list once opened; hope it helps!

Removing Dorico from the dock and readding it did not work for me. I still get the old recent project list.