Recent folders still missing in Export Audio Mixdown

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Fabio Bartolini stated that this issue was solved with the release of 9.0.10 and locked forum.

i installed this update on both my mac and windows machine. on both platforms there are still no recent files present.

Confirmed… the “Recent Paths” section and the “Clear Recent Paths” option is still not there like it was in CB8.5

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hopefully they’ll catch this one…

Yeah, I thought it was fixed but it’s definitely NOT! PITA

Thought that was just me. Has someone posted this in the bugs forum?


Sorry, but I like this actual behavior! When Cubase remembers the path within a project, it will be fine. Why the hell should the path of an export from another project and another export location stay in this menu? Ok, it’s a kind of workflow :smiley:

Are you kidding? Sure it’s nice to export to the same folder as last time but I use many different folders for different mixes, stems, etc. This is a must and more importantly, USED TO WORK JUST FINE!

The thread was moved to “Solved”, which was an automatically locked forum.
I’ll report it again.

The old behavior is a global one which I … hate and it’s only a workaround. Cubase needs a (sub-)folder management, where to export stems, mix downs etc. I have several places where to export, they depends on the project. If Cubase, in the first step, will offer a folder structure (…/stems, …/mixdowns, …/master and so on) beside the project, this could be fine. Or (not a virtual) folder structure in the pool. But I will never see millions of entries in the recent folder selectbox.

yes this is disappointing. it slows my workflow.

I’ve had this bug listed in the issues forum since CP9 came out. It causes a very noticeable slowdown in my workflow.