[CAN-5960] Recent Paths missing in the Export Audio Mixdown

This is a new development since CP9. All previous versions have saved a history of where you have exported files which is tremendously helpful when I export 20-30 cues all from different projects to Final Audio folders.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Project
  2. File->Export->Audio Mixdown
  3. Give the file a name and click the dropdown arrow on the right of the Path bar. Choose a path not related to Project Folder
  4. Save the file and close
  5. Open the same file or a different file
  6. File->Export->Audio Mixdown
  7. Click the dropdown arrow on the right of the Path bar.

BUG:-the only options are “Choose” and “Use Project Audio Folder”…Previous versions of Cubase kept a long history in this dropdown on Paths from previous saves…VERY useful and VERY missed!!

Confirmed, no list of locations for me in 9.0.10.

Confirmed here. Important to fix!

Same here! No list in 9.0.10

Still not fixed in 9.0.10

Confirmed. Huge annoyance and slows workflow.

+1 here… very annoing

+1 a real PITA and hinders workflow big time

Confirmed. Kill me now. Such a small thing but so freaking annoying.

Still not fixed with 9.0.20…:frowning:

This bug literally adds 20mins to my day on mix/delivery days.

This issue is driving me nuts! As previous posts have said, the lack of path history is hammering our workflow. I hope it gets address asap because big projects are a nightmare without it.

Can’t believe this is still not fixed. Really slows down my workflow when I’m producing sample packs.

Hello all,

I can confirmed this, it has been reported as CAN-5960, please use its case number in the future it will help us a lot, unfortunately the Devs could not find the cause of the problem before Cubase Pro 9.0.20 was released so it is now scheduled for 9.0.30

Best regards,

Glad to hear it! Thanks!

I hope it comes soon!

I agree with everybody else on this thread - big annoyance.

thank you Guillermo for the update!

For the record, this was fixed in 9.0.30